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Discovering Your Girlfriend’s Ring Style

By Arielle December 16, 2014

As you plan the perfect proposal, we can help with the perfect ring choice.  If “diamond ring” is as far as you have gotten, and the options seem overwhelming, read on. Knowing your girlfriend’s ring style will help when narrowing down the choices. Her ring style combines her personality, the style of clothes she wears, and her hobbies. You are already confident knowing these things about her.

Think of it like this, you don’t buy just any dream car because it transports you from point A to point B. You buy it for so many personal reasons: style, cost, durability, enjoyment, and luxury. This car will be your trusty steed. Your girlfriend’s dream ring is much like your dream car. It is a perfect reflection of her style and expresses your dedication to your future together.


This lady can’t be bothered by the latest fads. She believes that a classic look never loses its style. And she’s is right! A round, sparkling, diamond is the classic traditional look, and the best loved. In this style, the round, brilliantly cut diamond is often showcased as a solitaire, accompanied by a simple and graceful band. This look is timeless and is easily paired with any wedding band for the Big Day.


This lady shines when she walks into a room. She’s wearing the big sunglasses and her handbag is 99% glitter. The contemporary look is the epitome of “bling” and glamour. She will have no trouble showing off this stunning symbol of the love you share. The contemporary look is accentuated with halos and a diamond-encrusted band that complements the center stone. The ever popular, high cathedral setting lifts the center stone off her finger and practically screams, “Look at me! I love this man and I am getting married!”


A trendy woman keeps tabs on the latest styles and trends. She isn’t just a trend follower, she is a trendsetter. Two-toned metals, colored gemstones, and unique settings will not threaten her confidence in her love for you. It will send it to greater heights by representing the evolving love you both share.


She stops to enjoy sunsets, and looks longingly out the window when working inside. She is adventurous and sporty. She can hike a mountain or complete a 5k.  A bit of dirt doesn’t deter her from a fantastic time. Consider a ring with vines, leaves, a flowery halo, and other natural elements to display her love of outdoor life. She may appreciate a setting that is lower to the hand so she needn't worry about snags or dings as it accompanies her on your latest adventure.


The embodiment of deep love and passion, she finds romance in everything. She'll fall in love with a ring that could jump from the pages of a romantic storybook with every detail and color considered. Swirling scrollwork patterns and intricate bands hold diamonds with a story. Choose a diamond with inspiration from decades past with Art Deco style, and Asscher, or Emerald cut stones. Give this perfect ring, sealed with a kiss, and you will be her knight in shining armor.


This lady is sleek, gorgeous, with no-fuss style. The modern style is one with freeform bands and clean lines that convey a feeling of intrigue. It’s a traditional look that is bold and elevated. Usually featuring a Round or Princess cut center, pave stone accents, and exquisitely polished metal bands. Simplicity of style might look easy, but it requires a level of class she undoubtedly possesses!

Knowing your girlfriend’s ring style is now a breeze. Pay attention to her hints before you secretly go ring shopping. Her hints, once you are aware, are really not that secretive. Women are specific dreamers and all you have to do is listen. So get creative, peek at her Pinterest, observe the styles she wears, and take confidence. Because you know her and love her, whatever you choose will be amazing!  Plus, there is always room for an upgrade later. Just like your first car was perfect in that time of your life, upgrades in jewelry are perfect in their own timing too. Enjoy the ride!