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Finding the Right Shape for your finger

By Adele Diamond Blog Author December 16, 2014

Ringe size guide

I was just a kid watching an old classic, Singin’ in the Rain, when my mother’s friend said, “Debbie Reynolds has beautiful skin. I bet she hand models.”

“Hand-models?” I thought, “What is a hand model?!" My mom explained that beautiful long fingers, flawless skin, and exceptionally kept nails make for hands that are admired by television producers, marketing the latest products. These models she explained, were paid to keep their hands in perfect condition, which meant forgoing the normal chores of scrubbing dishes, using laundry detergents and mopping with harsh chemicals. As an eight year old, I thought I had just happened upon the perfect career path, until reality set in. My hands weren’t long and beautiful, like my mother had described. They were actually quite average with knicks and scrapes from playing outside and a healthy dose of dirt underneath my nails.

It’s been years since I came to the realization that hand modeling wasn’t in my future 23 to be exact. Most days, I couldn’t care less that my hands aren’t worthy of their own photo shoot, but I must admit that there was one day, as a fully-grown, mature adult woman that I again wished my hands looked like Debbie Reynolds in Singin’ in the Rain. You see, getting engaged will do that to you, and it does to most women. All of the sudden your hand, the one feature no one has ever cared about, will be the center of attention.  So how do you help your hand look its best during its moment in the spotlight?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Undoubtedly, you’ve learned over the years how to dress your body, love it or hate it, (and I genuinely do hope you love it), in a way that makes you feel like your most beautiful self. Well, now it’s time to learn how to do that for your hand.

The key is selecting the right shaped stone for your finger. Here is a quick little guide to figuring our which shape is right for you:

Round is the classiciconic “brilliant” cut. It is rounded at the top and coned at the bottom to make a kaleidoscope of sparkle, and it looks amazing on anyone. If the LBD had a rival in the jewelry world, it would be the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. You really can’t go wrong with this choice.

Oval compliments long fingers while elongating shorter hands, making it a beautiful choice for any finger length.

Marquises are most flattering on shorter fingers. The tapering at each end of the stone creates an illusion of longer fingers ideal for girls with smaller hands, but not a great choice if your fingers aren’t in need of the extra help.

Pears are much like Ovals, flattering for long hands, and lengthening for shorter ones. They have an added illusion, which looks quite nice on wider fingers. The wide bottom and narrow pointed top of the Pear cut work together to create a slimming effect. 

Emeralds, the most popular rectangular cut, are perfection on long, slender fingers. The cut is an Art Deco style that is most known for its use on emerald stones, hence the name. The rectangular “step-cuts” are bold, geometric cuts with beautiful symmetry.

Square Stones are generally best suited for wider fingers. However there are several different cuts in this shape category, each with their own little distinction. We’ve analyzed each of them for you below.

  • The Princess is an ever-popular choice. Perhaps it’s partially the name that’s driving those sales, but regardless the square shape is a beautiful choice for wide fingers.
  • The Cushion is fabulously trendy. With its square shape and soft rounded edges, it is universally complimentary.
  • The Radiant is the predecessor to the ever-popular squared Princess cut. This specific cut can show itself as both a rectangle or square. In its rectangular form it is ideal for long slender hands much like the emerald, and it its square form it works best for wider fingers. The Radiant cut allows for an even greater sparkle and brilliance than the geometric bold shapes of the Emerald cut.
  • The Asscher, created by Asscher brothers in Holland, is a cut that flattering on most fingers. It is similar to the bold geometric shapes an emerald cut boasts, but extenuates it by a patterning or “stepping” of the squared-cut to give more brilliance.