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Maximizing the “WOW”

By Arielle December 16, 2014

She is the most important person in the world and you want everyone to know. Your relationship is both intensely personal and proudly public. The symbolism of your engagement is the most meaningful part to you and your oh-so-significant other. To most other people though, your engagement will mean the chance to see a sparkly piece of art—the ring! It always feels good to hear them say “Wow!” In fact, the first thing a lady is asked is, “Let’s see it!” They grab her hand to see as they congratulate you both on the engagement.

How do you get that “Wow” responseprimarily from her, and also from others?

You want her to be impressed, and to feel proud when her friends are gushing, but how do you do it? It maybe seem like it’s all about how much you spend, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few insider tips to ensure that you get the most “Wow” for your buck:

Make it Special—Customize!

If you’ve been out looking for rings, chances are you have browsed through one of those jewelry stores in the mall. You shrug off their spiel about why you need to open an account with them. Then, you actually look at the rings and you realize they kind of all look . . . the same. Basic, blah rings that may feature rows of diamonds but don’t quite evoke a “Wow.”

When you instead customize each aspect of the ringthe ring setting, the size of the center stone, the kind and quality of the diamond or gemstoneyou create a unique piece. Nothing makes her feel more special than the fact that you created her something one-of-a-kind, like no other. The effort you take designing the ring is a big part of Wow-ing her and her friends.

Make the Center Pop!

Halos are in. I mean they are in in. But it’s not a fashion fadthere is a reason so many people accent the center stone with a scintillating ring of diamonds. Besides the (important) fact that so many halo rings are out-of-this-world beautiful, halos also serve the practical purpose of making the center stone appear bigger. Bigger engagement rings make that big impression. So, if you have a budget for a smaller center stone, consider a halo style ring. Halo rings are made in every style so you can match the exact style she wants as well.

Make it Yourself!

Another reason to ditch the outdated model of picking out a pre-made ring from behind the glass is that they are often much more expensive! It’s a pretty raw deal. You don’t get to choose the details most important to you and you have another monthly payment comparable to your car payment. Instead, choose your setting and center stone individually. You will have more control over the quality and where you spend your money.

Make it Sparkle!

Cluster rings are gorgeous and look like a million bucks (but are nowhere near it)! Much like halos, cluster rings create the impression of a much bigger center stone. Clusters of diamonds in the center cheer each other on, working together to form that illuminating sparkle! Pick a cluster ring to create the illusion of one large center stone or cluster smaller stones around a larger center stone to make the brightest sparkle. If she looks more at the ring than you for a couple days, don’t worry! This reaction is completely normal and should be taken for the compliment that it is. Your only problem will be getting her face to relax after that huge smile, wowed by such brilliance!

Make it Colorful!

Diamonds are the traditional choice for many reasonsthey are the hardest substance on earth, they last forever, and their many facets define dazzling. But if your girl isn’t into a diamond for the center stone, be assured, a big diamond isn’t the only way to get to jaw to drop. Have you ever seen a sky-blue, oval aquamarine set in a diamond-encrusted yellow gold ring? Or imagine an emerald cut pink morganite showcased in a rose gold and white diamond halo. These combinations are unique, eye-catching, and stunning. The best part of these colorful gemstones is that they are even more affordable, giving you more to put towards the perfect ring setting.

Make it Engraved!

The ring is a beautiful piece of art, yet significant because it represents the unique relationship between you and your special girl! Nothing will make her jaw drop further and make (happy!) tears fill her eyes more than if you include personal aspects in the ring. Is there a short phrase that makes her smile? Consider engraving it inside the band. Couples choose all types of phrases, words, or even dates, Scripture references, and names. Some of my personal favorites are romantic phrases like “love endures”, “chosen” or “beloved” or something personal that only the couple would understand (think references to the first date, when you met, etc). Whether you discuss it together first, or completely surprise her, engraving helps to make your special gift just that much more treasured.

Whatever your strategy in achieving the “Wow”, it doesn’t have to break your budget. Knowing what she likes and why you want to marry her is the secret to designing a jaw-dropping engagement ring she will proudly show to anyone who asks!