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    Mother's Day Blog

    Mother's Day Blog

    May is for MOTHER’S DAY!  How many times do our Mothers influence our lives?  From our very beginning, they are a shaping force.  They nurture us with hopes and dreams.  Protect us.  Teach us.  Spoil us.  And they are tough!  Moms have to be.  Moms weather the storms of their own lives while taking care of everyone else too, including Dad.  Moms are AWESOME multi-taskers in that respect!  AND there are lots of different types of Moms; the mother of your children, the mother that raised you, and Grandmoms!! 

    Let’s face it, all Moms DESERVE a little spoiling.  That’s why they have their OWN SPECIAL DAY.  Take advantage of this Mother’s Day to show the Mom or Moms in your life how much you LOVE them, ADMIRE them, APPRECIATE them.  ADELE DIAMOND can help with that because Adele knows how important and special Mother’s Day is to all the Moms out there.

    So don’t mess up this Mother’s Day!  Come visit us at Adele Diamond for some Very Special Deals.

    April Birthstone Blog

    April Birthstone Blog

    Everyone knows April showers bring May flowers!  The month of April is named for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of LOVE.  It is also the month most associated with Spring because it is April when most trees and flowers begin to BLOOM.  What else blooms??  How about LOVE?!  That is why it is PERFECT that the birthstone for April is DIAMOND.  What symbolizes love more than a diamond?  How about a diamond from ADELE DIAMOND!  


    If you are born in APRIL, then you know that you are absolutely blessed to have the MOST DESIRED of all gemstones for your birthstone, the DIAMOND.  Let’s look at the facts and folklore (meaning, not all are true of course) about the Diamond:


    ♦  Diamond is the hardest gemstone AND can only be cut with another diamond.

    ♦  Ancient civilizations believed that diamonds were LIGHTENING made real on earth.

    ♦  Diamonds come in many colors; white, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, pink, red, grey, and brown.

    ♦  Today, brown diamonds are known as Chocolate Diamonds and grey diamonds are known as Salt & Pepper


    ♦  The word diamond comes from the Greek word “Adamas” meaning INVINCIBLE.

    ♦  The tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring started in the 1930’s by De Beers.

    ♦  The engagement ring BUYING RULE of thumb is that a man should spend at least one month’s salary in the

    purchase of a diamond ring.

    ♦  Have you heard of the AGE RULE? The size of the diamond should be equivalent to the AGE of the woman.  For example, is a man proposes to a 25-year-old woman, he should buy a 2.5 carat diamond engagement ring.  Interesting, huh?!

    ♦  The largest diamond ever discovered weighed 3,106 CARATS!!  It is known as the Cullinan Diamond, and the stones cut from the original diamond are part of today’s British Crown Jewels.

    ♦  Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds were tears of the gods.

    ♦  In the first century AD, diamonds were thought to be splinters of the STARS that had fallen to earth to be used in the tip of CUPID’s ARROW.

    ♦  The MOST FAMOUS Diamond is The Hope Diamond, also known as the “French Blue” due to its mesmerizing blue color.  Although this diamond changed hands many times, it currently rests in the Smithsonian Institution, donated in 1958 by Harry Winston.  It is said to weigh 45.52 carats!

    ♦  TODAY, the diamond is most widely known as the PREFERRED STONE to give in an engagement ring, symbolizing eternal and lasting LOVE.

    ♦  Diamond is also the GIFT for the 60th and 75th Wedding Anniversaries!

    March Birthstone Blog

    March Birthstone Blog

    MARCH is the “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb” month, but what does that saying really mean?!  Turns out it’s all about the weather.  Winter is LONG, it’s not over until nearly the end of March.  We hang on through those first few weeks and the last of those fiercely cold days of winter (like a Lion) and wait for the start of the mild Spring days (like a lamb) near the end of March.  I don’t know about you, but when I see the sprouts of green coming up through the earth I feel JOY and HOPE!  The March equinox also celebrates this REBIRTH and many cultures celebrate with Spring festivals.


    The birthstone for March is the beautiful BLUE AQUAMARINE.  Think SKY blue, OCEAN blue, CRYSTAL blue!  It is a DESIRABLE gemstone and the color reminds me of the BEAUTIFUL BLUE SKY of SPRING DAYS AHEAD!

    Want to learn more about AQUAMARINE?  Here’s some ancient lore (which means it’s probably not true) and facts about the March Birthstone:


    ♦  Believed to be the treasure of MERMAIDS!!

    ♦  The gemstone’s name is derived from two Latin words, Aqua meaning “water” and marina meaning “of the seas”. 

    ♦  Mainly found in Brazil, it is a semi-precious gem and is a member of the beryl family.

    ♦  The color of aquamarine ranges from teal to translucent blue-green, to a clear pastel blue. 

    ♦  Used by Sailors as a symbol for safe ocean travels, fearlessness, and protection from drowning.

    ♦  The soothing energy makes Aquamarine a perfect companion to calm fears and phobias.

    ♦  Believed to relax the senses, and for this reasonis often used in meditation.

    ♦  Decorative jewelry and protective amulets using aquamarine have been found dating back as far as 500 B.C.

    ♦  Thought to reawaken the love of married couples.

    ♦  Aquamarine is the traditional gift for the 19th wedding anniversary and would make an amazing anniversary gift!


    TAKE THE PLUNGE with Adele Diamond. 


    We want to be your jeweler for LIFE.

    Brr, it's February!

    Brr, it's February!

    Brrrr, February is one of the coldest months of the winter and one of the best months to CUDDLE!  What warms you up during the winter?  A hot cuppa coffee, a good meal, someone to share it with??  Maybe that’s why February is also the month for LOVE.  Valentine’s Day comes mid-month and it’s a perfect time to romance those we love.  

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    Maximizing the “WOW” factor when proposing...

    Maximizing the “WOW” factor when proposing...

    How do you get that “Wow” response—primarily from her, and also from others? You want her to be impressed, and to feel proud when her friends are gushing, but how do you do it? It maybe seem like it’s all about how much you spend, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few insider tips to ensure that you get the most “Wow” for your buck...

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