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    Blog — special day

    Mother's Day Blog

    Mother's Day Blog

    May is for MOTHER’S DAY!  How many times do our Mothers influence our lives?  From our very beginning, they are a shaping force.  They nurture us with hopes and dreams.  Protect us.  Teach us.  Spoil us.  And they are tough!  Moms have to be.  Moms weather the storms of their own lives while taking care of everyone else too, including Dad.  Moms are AWESOME multi-taskers in that respect!  AND there are lots of different types of Moms; the mother of your children, the mother that raised you, and Grandmoms!! 

    Let’s face it, all Moms DESERVE a little spoiling.  That’s why they have their OWN SPECIAL DAY.  Take advantage of this Mother’s Day to show the Mom or Moms in your life how much you LOVE them, ADMIRE them, APPRECIATE them.  ADELE DIAMOND can help with that because Adele knows how important and special Mother’s Day is to all the Moms out there.

    So don’t mess up this Mother’s Day!  Come visit us at Adele Diamond for some Very Special Deals.