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Learn About Gemstones


Amethyst, a variety of quartz, is a purple gemstone with hues ranging from deep royal purple to light lavender.

Couples often select Amethyst because the stone holds a significant meaning for them personally.

Blue Sapphires

Throughout history, Blue Sapphires have maintained their position as the most popular gemstone. Their rich blue hue is often viewed as a color of royalty and has been worn by royals across the globe.

Sapphires formed from the mineral corundum, and are the third hardest gemstone according to the Mohs scale.


From the beryl family, Aquamarine is best known for its beautiful near colorless, light blue tone. The stone is believed to bring long happy marriages making it a popular choice among brides.


Moissanite is a near-colorless Charles and Covard Created gemstone, which is similar in appearance to a diamond. Made from silicon carbide, moissanites have a higher light refraction than diamonds and are created without inclusions.

On the Mohs scale moissanite is second in hardness only to diamond. Moissanite is growing in popularity for couples on a budget, who want the look and durability of a diamond without the price tag.


From the beryl family, morganite has a light peachy pink hue that coordinates beautifully with rose gold. This combination is largely responsible for its rise in popularity.

White Sapphire

White Sapphires are a popular alternative for diamond engagement rings. They are completely colorless and the third hardest gemstone, but with a much lower price point than diamond. Although completely colorless white sapphires lack the light refraction found in diamonds.


Rubies are formed by the mineral corundum and have a deep red tone. Historically rubies were popular among the royal and wealthy classes of society. Today, couples typically select rubies when the stone or color holds a specially meaning for the couple personally.

Chatham Created Gemstones

Chatham creates environments in which crystals can grow naturally. Chatham created gemstones are a more affordable alternative to mined gemstones Adele Diamond carries Chatham created blue sapphires, white sapphires, and rubies.