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    All our diamond suppliers adhere to the Kimberly Process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market. We support other measures in our industry to prevent the trade of illegal diamonds and diamonds mined in un-ethical manners.

    As far as white metals go, platinum is the rarest, most durable, and appears the whitest. Though the initial investment is most costly, platinum requires no re-plating, unlike white gold. Jewelry made with platinum feels heavier than gold and its prongs hold diamonds more securely. These properties make platinum very desirable. In fact, platinum is preferred by 81% of bridal consumers.

    Palladium is in the same family of metals as Platinum and shares its strengths. Being a naturally white metal, it also does not need re-plating. Palladium’s low density and therefore light weight (compared to platinum) is also a desirable feature to some consumers. Palladium is a front-runner in affordable luxury and we are proud to offer this option in many of our ring styles.

    Great question! If you want it to be a surprise, you can often find hints on various social media sites. If she has a Pinterest, Instagram etc. that is a great place to start. Getting the input of friends or parents can also be vital for surprise proposals. More often than not however, she may have already dropped hints. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, we also recommend openly asking her what she wants. Read more tips and advice in our blog article “Discovering your girlfriend’s ring style”.

    Yes! All our rings can be set with either a diamond or one of many beautiful gemstone options. Additionally, almost all our rings are available in multiple metals and for different size center stones. Please contact us contact us through live chat, email, or call toll free 1-855-503-3080.

    The K stands for karats, which is a measurement of the purity of the gold. Gold is a beautiful, versatile metal, but in its pure state it is too soft to be made into durable jewelry. To fix this problem it is mixed with other more durable metals to be made stronger and more suitable for daily wear. 14K gold is made up of 58.3% pure gold. 18K gold is made up of 75% pure gold. 14K and 18K have slight difference in color, although some people regard 18K yellow gold to be more lustrous than its 14K counterpart. 18K can be less resistant to scratches as well.


    On the account login screen, you can click the forgot my password button for help. If this does not work, then please send an email to or live chat with us and we will help you get back into your account.

    Contact us through live chat, email, or call toll free 1-855-503-3080.

    Yes, with most engagement rings you can select None for the Center Stone selection and proceed to Check Out. If not, contact us through live chat, email, or call toll free 1-855-503-3080.

    Yes, contact us through live chat, email, or call toll free 1-855-503-3080.

    Please contact us within 24 hours after purchase about any order changes through live chat, email, or call toll free 1-855-503-3080.


    Your shipment confirmation email includes a tracking number. If you think you may have missed that email, you can login to your account page to check for a tracking number. You may not receive a shipment confirmation for several weeks if your ring is being made to order.

    Our packaging experience is like no other. Your engagement ring is carefully packaged in our custom ring presentation box and then placed inside our special custom “experience” box to hold your ring and paperwork until the special day. Our special “experience” box is designed to hold your relationship mementos of the proposal day and the many special days to come.

    We currently ship to the US, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe. We do ship to military addresses.

    For your security we ship in non-descript packaging.

    We ship FedEx, USPS, and UPS Express Insured.

    We have a 100% Satisfaction Policy. If you receive your ring/jewelry and you are not satisfied, please notify us within 30 days, and we will issue a return authorization, and give you instructions to securely package and ship the return.

    Please send them to our mailing address at 1628 Laskin Rd #724, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.


    Our upgrade policy is simple and applies to diamond center stone rings only. 100% of the total spent on your ring’s diamond center stone is credited towards any diamond, of the same or higher value. Ex: if you spent $2000 on your center diamond at any time and wanted to upgrade to a $3000 diamond anytime in the future, your total due would be only the difference, $1000.

    Through live chat, email, or call toll free 1-855-503-3080.

    We are happy to resize it for you! Gold resizing is $42 for the first size up and any additional size after that is $21. Platinum resizing is $115 for the first size up and any additional size after that is $57.  Please send them to our mailing address at: 1628 Laskin Road #724, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.


    If you have the ring/jewelry shipping to State of Virginia, yes.

    Yes. We subscribe to an elevated level of encryption, firewall, and security protocol in handling your payment information. At no time is your payment information stored on our servers.

    We accept all major credit cards, cashier’s checks, and money orders. We do also offer financing options through our website as well.’